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IAP PEDIATRIC DRUG FORMULARY 2012 - 3rd hard copy edition of the formulary was published in Jan 2012.

The Pocket Dose Book of Medicines in Children and Adolescents
This pocket sized addition to the armamentarium of the IAP Drug Formulary allows a clinician to make a quick search of IAP Drug Formulary recommended dosages for 615 drugs exclusively used in neonates, children and adolescents. Evidence based schedules for most pediatric illnesses are detailed for each drug where indicated.

Installation Tips

A. Installing the IAP Drug Formulary

NOTE: This guide assumes that you have installed the original software from the CD on the system you are going to install the update and also that you have successfully registered on this website having received your unique User ID and password.

This is a comprehensive update and contains the previous version too.
i.e. current update has all the previous updates incorporated.


  • Load the IAP Drug Formulary and click on Update>Website Login and Update (ensure that you are connected to the internet before you start the update process)

  • The home page of IAP Drug Formulary website (www.iapdrugformulary) will open.

  • Log in using your User ID (CD Serial Number) and the password received by mail (if you have changed your password - use the changed password)

  • If for some reason you are not able to login - there could be two reasons:

  • 1. You have not yet registered on the website - please remember that you have to register on the website once to be able to download the update. Please click on the "REGISTER" link on the home page to proceed.

  • 2. You would have forgotten the password OR you would not have received the email with the password. Please fill in the forgot password form or mail the administrators with your details on

  • On successful authentication, it will take you to you the home page where you get in the link to download the update.

  • On click of the link it will prompt whether you want to OPEN / SAVE the file - Select "SAVE" and then Browse to save it on your Desktop or any location of your choice.

  • Once the download is complete (The update is approx 11.4 MB file), go to the location where you have saved the file.

  • Double click on the file - the update will guide you through the installation process.

  • On successful installation - delete the downloaded patch.

  • You are now ready to use IAP Drug Formulary

B. Installation procedure of IAP Drug Formulary CD 2004

  • On windows system drive (C:drive in most cases)

  • The installation procedure for IAP Drug Formulary CD 2004 on the C: drive is a straight forward procedure wherein you just have to follow the on screen instructions and complete the installation process.

  • On a different drive other than your windows system drive (C: drive in most cases)

  • In case you would wish to install on a different drive other than your windows system drive (C: drive in most cases) then the only difference is during installation while you are prompted in the 'Change directory' window wherein if you wish to select a different drive you need to add the folder name on the path.

  • For e.g. - If you choose the D: drive from the pull down menu below, then on the path text field on top "D:\" will appear automatically. Just add folder name and a back slash (i.e. D:\Formulary\) and continue with the installation. So the Path field should read as D:\Formulary\

  • On successful installation, please log onto to do a one time registration, you will get an email with the User ID and password. Use this to log into the website - you will be prompted to change the password. Change the password and remember that password for logging into the website in future.

For any further queries on IAP Drug formulary CD installation or installing the update, write to us at