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IAP PEDIATRIC DRUG FORMULARY 2012 - 3rd hard copy edition of the formulary was published in Jan 2012.

The Pocket Dose Book of Medicines in Children and Adolescents
This pocket sized addition to the armamentarium of the IAP Drug Formulary allows a clinician to make a quick search of IAP Drug Formulary recommended dosages for 615 drugs exclusively used in neonates, children and adolescents. Evidence based schedules for most pediatric illnesses are detailed for each drug where indicated.

  • The IAP Drug Formulary Web Update 2019(3) Edition 55, the 53rd web update the 3rd for 2019, is available for download. This Web Update contains IAP recommendations for drug therapy for two diseases which had not been addressed thus far.

    On the mobile apps, IAP Essential Medicines List and General Prescribing Information links have been added. The user interface of the mobile apps has been improved to make it more user friendly. It is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Symbian and Blackberry and will soon be available on the Windows app platform.

  • From the Editor's Desk
    Dr. Jeeson C Unni

    The December Web Update, which is ready for download, is the 55th Web Edition and the 53rd Web Update of the IAP Drug Formulary. This Web Update contains IAP recommendations for drug therapy for two diseases which had not been addressed thus far.

    The IAP Drug Formulary (IAP DF), first published in 2004-2005, has completed 14 yrs of service to the pediatric specialists in our country and abroad, being the only exclusively pediatric formulary in the world, other than the British National Formulary for Children (BNFc).

  • IAP President's Message
    Dr. Digant D Shastri

    (IAP President 2019)

    My Dear IAP colleagues,

    As president of Indian Academy of Paediatrics It is a proud privilege for me to write a message for the IAP Drug Formulary- the flagship project of IAP and CMIC of IAP. Ever since its launch in 2005 the IAP Drug Formulary has become extremely popular over the years & proved to be an asset to users and the secrete for this is regular periodic update and instant online availability of update.

    Like me, for many more paediatricians this pediatric drug formulary has become an important companion in their day to day practice because of most updated content and easy to retrieve the information online.