IAPDF Apps are now available on iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry Platforms. Click here to read more.

IAP PEDIATRIC DRUG FORMULARY 2012 - 3rd hard copy edition of the formulary was published in Jan 2012.

The Pocket Dose Book of Medicines in Children and Adolescents
This pocket sized addition to the armamentarium of the IAP Drug Formulary allows a clinician to make a quick search of IAP Drug Formulary recommended dosages for 615 drugs exclusively used in neonates, children and adolescents. Evidence based schedules for most pediatric illnesses are detailed for each drug where indicated.

IAP Drug Formulary mobile apps

The IAP Drug Formulary was officially released in 2005 and is now being used by over 7000 pediatricians all over the country and abroad. The Quarterly Web Update facility has made the contents quite dynamic. Changes will be made in the formulary as and when new developments in pharmacology and pediatric therapeutics become available. The IAP Drug Formulary 2012 (3rd hard copy edition of the textbook), The Pocket Dose Book of Medicines for Children and Adolescents and The Infectious Disease Update are popular publications of the IAP Drug Formulary. All of them may be purchased online at or by sending DD/at par cheque in favour of IAP Drug Formulary to the Kochi address given on the purchase page of the website.

To further enhance the usage and to provide the doctors’ faster access to the formulary on the move, the IAP CMIC conceived the iapdf mobile Apps. To cater to a wide range of doctors using different brands of mobile phones on different platforms, the IAP Drug Formulary team decided to launch it on 4 of the more famous platforms viz. iOS (iPhone /iPad), Android (Phones / Tablets), Blackberry and Symbian, to start with and then move on the other popular ones later.

The iapdf App is free for download on the App store of iOS, blackberry and Android. The Symbian app can be downloaded and installed from

Once the apps are downloaded and installed on the respective handsets, on first launch they will be asked to register with the App key. To get their respective app keys, the doctor will need to purchase them on The costs are:
Rs. 300 – IAP Member
Rs. 500 – Non IAP Member
USD 25 – International User

Once the payment is successfully made, the user will receive an email from IAPDF with the App key within 24 hours. If you do not receive the App key within the stipulated time, please write into

The App key is for one time usage only, if you need to use it on another device (viz. If you have both an iPhone and an iPad, you will need 2 app keys for running on them both simultaneously) you will need to write to with the reason for another key requirement. Also, if you happen to uninstall the app from your mobile device, you will need to procure another key by writing into citing the reason, as you will not be able to use the old key anymore. Another app key will be issued for only one of these above mentioned scenarios and only twice for each payment.

You will need data connection on your phone during the usage of the apps on Android / Blackberry and Symbian, as, because of the huge data size, some of the versions of the phones on these platforms are not able to hold on to the data size. The Data connection bandwidth required is minimal and the regular 2G connection on your phone should be good enough for the usage of the apps. Pls. note that on iOS, the searchable data is installed on the phone and hence no internet connection is used after the apps are registered. So, the internet data connection on your phone (2G / 3G / WiFi) has to be active on your phone during the initial registration and subsequent usage of the app.

The App key installation is just a one time process, the next time you open the app, it will straightaway direct you to the home page where you can click on the Search tab and go ahead with your Search.

Dr Jeeson C Unni
IAP Drug Formaulary